There aren't too many people in Detroit that would let their pizza delivery man enter their house. The Varchetti family got a pleasant surprise when they opened up their home to a Hungry Howie's delivery man though. According to The Washington Post, The Varchettis ordered a pepperoni pizza from Hungry Howie’s and 18-year-old Bryce Dudal appeared at their door with everyone's favorite cheezy delight.

Dudal noticed that the family had a baby grand piano in their home when they opened the door. “That’s a beautiful piano. Can I take look at it?" he asked the family.  The Varchettis claimed to hardly use the piano, and invited the recent high school grad inside. They asked if he played, and of course, Dudal asked if he could sit down and give them a sample. The teenage delivery guy then proceeded to perfectly lay down Beethoven’s “Moonlight” sonata.

Julie Varchetti posted a video of the moment on Facebook, and speaking with The Post, she relayed her amazement. “He was just beyond good,” she declared. “A lot of people sit down at the piano and play something slow and beautiful,” Dudal stated. “But when I play for someone, I like to go all out.”