He's definitely known for being an interviewer who doesn't mince his words, but Piers Morgan went too far in the eyes of some fans earlier today when he deviated from the planned set of questions and asked Mariah Carey about the tragic events that took place in Las Vegas late Sunday evening. The murders of innocent victims, who were attending a country music festival that featured Jason Aldean as one of the the performers, by a gunman standing on the balcony of his hotel room have left more than 50 dead and hundreds more injured and hospitalized. The exchange between Morgan and Carey, as seen below, could be described as, at the very least, a little tone-deaf.


During an appearance on the talk show Good Morning Britain that was meant to promote her upcoming holiday tour, Mariah Carey was caught off-guard when Piers Morgan asked her the horrific events that went down in Sin City. "What’s your reaction, just on a human level," he asked, "to concertgoers, people who love performers like yourself, being targeted in this way?” Mariah, after taking a long pause, responded by saying,” It’s terrible. People are just going out to listen to music because that’s what they want to do. They’re out for the night, and something shocking happens. Nobody could have expected it, and it’s just wrong. I really don’t know what to say.” Even though Mariah had a Vegas residency at one point in her career and has been an admired performer for several decades, Morgan was nevertheless dragged by social media users for his ambushing of his high-profile interview guest in such a blunt fashion.


As one of the Twitter commenters pointed out, the professional thing to do would've been to postpone the interview completely, as it was obvious that Mariah was not aware of the tragic incident that hit Las Vegas the night before. Worst case scenario is that she should've been briefed about the breaking news story before going on the air, but neither happened. There's been no official response or rebuttal from Morgan about his Mariah Carey interview, but you can be sure it will live on in infamy.