Pharrell has been chosen as the keynote speaker for the University of Virginia’s 2019 Valedictory Exercises. As such, the graduating seminars are scheduled to begin on May 17 at 3 pm on what is commonly referred to by the student body as "The Lawn." As is usually the custom, the Valedictory Exercises will keep off "Finals Weekend," what is viewed as a parting gift to the students for their dedication. On the flipside, those who view "Finals Weekend" as an extension of their semester-long partying habits will see it reflected in their final grades.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

While Pharrell is undoubtedly a fitting choice for the event, it should be noted that he didn't go to UVA. The Virginia Beach native did spend two years pursuing an undergrad in the State of Illinois, at Northwestern University. Even though he only stuck around for two years of enrollment before jumping the shark, had it not been for an unsuccessful stint at Northwest, Pharrell and fellow undergrad Chad Hugo may have never found the impetus to say FU and forge their own musical agenda back home.

If you live in Charlotteville, VA or within the school's radius it might be worth popping in for the keynote speech. UVA's administrative body has made the Valedictory Exercises including Pharrell's speech, free to the public (and free of charge). The doors of the John Paul Jones Arena open at 1:30 pm on a first come first serve basis, so plan accordingly.