As a Hot 97 radio host, Peter Rosenberg often has a reputation as a crotchety, tough-to-please listener, so that's why his new, gushing "review" of Kendrick Lamar's upcoming album is so shocking. Letting us know that the album's now scheduled to rdrop in 2015, Rosenberg couldn't stop raving about the four unreleased tracks he heard.

Starting off by saying that Kendrick's "gone to another level" with this material, he added, "This album is gonna be as good as good kid, m.A.A.d city, and it may even be on a different and higher level." As he's talking about the best-received hip-hop album of the decade there, you may scoff, but to him, Kendrick's an artist that he's "willing to push [his] chips in because [he's] confident in the product"

Other details Rosenberg revealed are the tracks' subject matter ("He's talking about black righteousness, he's talking about Africa, there's social commentary...") and their sonic qualities ("Upbeat music that is gonna thrive on the club and on the radio, however, just like good kid, m.A.A.d city, you can hear there's no attempt to make club music").

Watch the full video below.


[UPDATE: Kendrick Says Could Arrive Sooner]

Earlier this week, Peter Rosenberg got an exclusive listen of some of Kendrick Lamar's new material off his upcoming album, and was so excited about it, he had to let all of the internet know via the YouTube video above. Kendrick Lamar recently did another interview, this time with Devi Dev out in Houston, and spoke about a possible time frame for the album's release.

While he acknowledges that Rosenberg said it'd arrive in early 2015, he says it could definitely arrive sooner than that. He also confirms that he's got a title for it, but he doesn't want to give it away until he's entirely finished with the LP.

"It may be before that. We really don't know until...I can't do a Beyonce. Beyonce killed that," he said of doing a surprise release referencing Bey's move last year.

Watch the full interview below.