A few months ago, we seemed destined to deal with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson for a long time. The couple was about to be married and they were screaming about their love from the rooftops. Then, something switched and Ariana called things off with her beau. After sharing about 79,824 tattoos between the two of them, their relationship was suddenly over and so many reminders remained on their skin. Pete and Ariana went their separate ways, covering up their inkings little by little. Now, the comedian sent a big old message to his ex-fiancée in the form of a vicious cover-up.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

If ever you want to know how Pete Davidson feels about Ariana, just look at the back of his neck. According to The Blast, the actor covered up one of the most meaningful tattoos that he got during his relationship with the pop star. He had gotten a replica of her neck tattoo: a French saying that reads, "mille tendresses." Well, now that he isn't feeling the tenderness anymore, he went ahead and inked "CURSED" on top of the existing art. Not a bad way to send a message. 

Both celebrities have been taking their time covering up the pieces they got but considering how many tattoos they shared, it might take a while for them to formulate so many ideas.