Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's relationship ended months ago in what was apparently an amicable split. Ever since, the two have used every opportunity to talk about the split: Grande ascended to the highest possible level of celebrity because of "Thank U, Next," a song about her exes, while Davidson has been joking about Grande at his stand-up sets for months. 

According to an audience member at a recent one of those sets, Davidson is still hung up on the fact that Grande publicized the length of his penis, calling her a "sick genius." Before, Davidson was mad that she "talked all that shit for my penis." sabotaging the expectations of future girlfriends(referencing the "HUUUUGE" in the "Thank U, Next" video and the famous 10-inch tweet), but now, he's focused a larger portion of his set on Grande. As the audience member said, "a good amount of Pete’s set is about Ariana,” which makes sense considering stand-up is usually a bunch of personal stories. Likewise with Grande, who is now generating hype from a song titled "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored."  

Davidson has moved back in with his mom, who apparently drags him out to parties, "because that’s my life now — she’s like, ‘Maybe you’ll meet someone?’"