In the fan-storm that ensued after the Pete Davidson and Arian Grande break-up, it was the pop singer who came out unscathed, broadcasting her supposed vulnerability, along with specifics about her ex's endowment, in "Thank U, Next." Even if the fans are charmed by the song and the video, Davidson doesn't think that the songstress's intentions are quite so pure.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In the video for "Thank U, Next" Grande lies on the floor of her pink room and journals to her heart's content about her exes. Davidson's page gets a brief moment in the video, where Grande scrawled "sry I dipped," "I love u always" and, most importantly, "HUUUUUGE." In stand-up set a few days ago at New York's Tarrytown Music Hall, Davidson took issue with the shot, saying bluntly, "I don’t like that she talked all that shit for my penis." Not only does he think that everything is big in relation to Ariana Grande herself, who is quite small, he believes that she's trying to sabotage his future sex life: "everything is huge to her. Why would she tell everyone that I have a huge penis? So that every girl who sees my d**k or the rest of my life is disappointed." Watch the offending music video below: