Bossip recently reported on comedian Paul Mooney having to cancel his Atlanta show due to health complications. According to the news outlet, the famed performer was expected to bless the stage in a comedy showcase at a local Atlanta comedy club. Unfortunately, ticket holders were told that Mooney would not be apart of the show due to health reasons and they were instead offered reimbursement for their tickets. Furthermore, a source from the news outlet Rhymes With Snitch added: "Paul Mooney was supposed to host a comedy showcase at a local Atlanta comedy club tonight but when I called to check if he was still appearing I was told he was in the hospital. The person who answered the phone did not have any other information when I pressed them further."

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

As of now, details surrounding the reasons behind Mooney's hospitalization remain unknown. However, industry gossip claims that Paul Mooney may be attempting to dodge attention from the public eye after allegations have been circulating that the comedian had sexually assaulted Richard Pryor's son. The latter apparently resulted in their fallout and the end of the friendship. Thus, this remains industry chatter which no valid source has confirmed. For now, we can only wish Paul Mooney a speedy recovery.