Pacific Rim Uprising's Global debut netted the franchise a whopping $151 Million, it was enough to disrupt the dominant reign of Black Panther at the box office. Black Panther has basically held the number one spot for 5 consecutive weeks, or little over a month, fending off competition from Disney's A Wrinkle In Time, and breaking century-old records in the process.

Pacific Rim Uprising's strong debut does little to diffract from its competitor. In fact its strong push kind of distracts us from the film's own unabated mission at the box office. Pacific Rim Uprising is itself a giant production, with $150 Million invested. The film presents itself as a main event push for its star John Boyega. The original directed by Guillermo Del Toro starred Idris Elba and introduced us to a fictional race of alien sea monsters who rage against coastal cities along the Pacific Rim. Inevitably they meet a wee bit of resistance along the way.

All things considered, Black Panther still managed a respectable $17 Million domestically on the weekend, bringing its total to $631 million in the U.S alone. What makes these feats all the more impressive, for their respective franchises, is the worthy competition they were up against: a Wes Anderson film, A Tomb Raider reboot, and a host of others.

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