The Oscars are the zeitgeist defining entertainment event every year, dominating news headlines and water-cooler conversations alike. People are routinely drawn to the red carpet fashions, high profile wins and dubious snubs, and all the unexpected live broadcast flubs that make this televised event worth watching. 

However, as Hollywood enters into a state of fantastical reverie with the biggest awards ceremony in show business, the rest of America was dealing with more pressing matters. HerpAlert reveals how the site received a spike in visitors looking for treatment options for herpes. This boom in individuals seeking medical care ironically coincides with Hollywood's most glamorous event. 

HerpAlert is a website that has been in business since last summer, and utilizes a roster of doctors who will issue prescriptions to pharmacies upon reviewing client photos that showcase concerning herpes outbreaks. The standard turnaround time is about 2 hours. 

The company is reporting that they've experienced an increase in people seeking prescriptions to treat their outbreaks over the last 72 hours, as the Hollywood/Beverly Hills area saw a surge from 10 cases a day to almost 60 since Friday.

Sources reveal that the crux of applications strictly deal with genital herpes.