On The Come Up: PnB Rock

HNHH Staff
July 13, 2016 11:14

This episode of On The Come Up couldn't be timelier, as just yesterday PnB Rock made a splash on the e-nets with the release of his joint mixtape with Fetty Wap, "Money, Hoes & Flows." He mentions the mixtape in passing during our OTCU sit-down, although he puts more emphasis on his forthcoming album, "Rated R," due out via Atlantic.

For those unfamiliar with PnB Rock, the Philly native walks us through his home life and musical influences growing up, later revealing how a specific intersection (Pastorius and Baton) in Philly is responsible for part of his name-- PnB-- and incidentally, how his Instagram handle became his rap moniker (and not the other way around). The rapper also talks about a couple of arrests in his past and how his time spent in prison is what jump started his interest in music.

"I really decided to make music when I was around like 20, 21. I was locked up, incarcerated, I was up state, I did 33 months up state. I seen a lot of guys up state writing music and making beats on piano and keyboards and it was interesting to me...That was just something I gravitated to that," he tells us.

Watch the full interview above.

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