Apparently being a world famous R&B singer can't get you out of a traffic ticket. Omarion ended up with the worst case scenario from such an offense today, as he was arrested and taken into custody when an officer realized he'd missed a court appearance regarding a traffic ticket.

The singer was pulled over after running a stop sign earlier today, and when the cop ran through his record, he found a warrant for O's arrest, and took him in immediately.

The MMG crooner is now in custody, with bail set at $20,000. 

We'll update on his situation as information arrives. UIntil then, check out his underrated mixtape from last year, Care Package 2.


[Update: Omarion released from jail, tweets about arrest]

It seems as if Omarion either posted bail, or was released from custody for other reasons, because he went back to tweeting last night. Saying that he was initially pulled over for a "California Roll" (AKA a "California Stop," where you don't stop completely at a stop sign), Maybach O also gave some advice about tattoos and paying your tickets. Read his tweets below.