With the NFL season about a month and some change away, players have started reporting to training camp so that they can get in some reps with their teams and also learn the playbook. This is a crucial time of year as it allows players to build chemistry and camaraderie before embarking on a 16-game season that will test the determination of every single player on the field. Sometimes though, players don't report to training camp because they are holding out for more money. This is the case for Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys. The running back has exceeded expectations on his rookie contract and now, he's looking to get paid.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has held firm on not offering Elliott a new contract and even said that the team doesn't need a star running back to win a Super Bowl. One person who certainly knows a lot about running backs is none other than OJ Simpson who as you would expect, disagrees with Jones' assessment.


OJ took to Twitter where he urged Jones to pay Elliott for his efforts saying the Cowboys probably won't make the playoffs without him on the roster. Simpson also touched on the Melvin Gordon situation where he sided with the Chargers running back. Simpson feels as though these players are crucial to their team's success and that it's only fair they get paid what they're worth.

Do you agree with OJ or are running backs to expendable in today's NFL?