Although Offset has a number of children, a lot of the attention has been surrounded on Kulture since she was birthed by Cardi B. We're sure Kulture is a cutie (since we have yet to see what she looks like) but Offset's other kids, like Kody, is just as adorable especially in a video Offset shared to his Instagram. 

In the clip below, the three-year-old is busting out a freestyle in the mirror with his Gucci shirt and diamond chains hanging around his neck. At the end of his break down, he realizes that he needs some socks and then looks up at his dad and lets him know. "I N E E D S O C K S 
I R E A L L Y N E E D S O C K S 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂," Offset captioned the video. 

It's safe to say young Kody has been picking up the ways of his dad and his uncles with his rapping mannerisms.