Last Mother’s Day, Offset gave Cardi four Birkin bags and a multitude of boxes of preserved roses. This year he decided to go even bigger and better.

The Migos member took to Instagram to show off how he spoiled his wife for Mother’s Day. Cardi posed amongst over a dozen massive bouquets with a big smile on her face, upon receiving yet another brand new Birkin bag, this time in an orange hue.

Birkin’s are Offset’s signature gift so it seems, as he gives Cardi the infamous bag for almost every and any occasion. He even gifted his daughter one of the ten-thousand-dollar bags for her second birthday, which resulted in much criticism about the couple’s spending habits. 

Each addition to Cardi’s Birkin collection validates her title of “Birkin Bag Bardi”, which she coined herself amidst a controversy about her changing the image of the bag by purchasing so many Birkins. During that same time, she posted a picture with 23 different Birkin bags, showing off her impressive assortment of colors as well as her zero-fucks-given attitude.

Despite all the commentary about past purchases (or perhaps in spite of it), Offset gave Cardi another bag, much to her delight. 

Offset shared a heartfelt IG caption as well, writing to Cardi: "Happy Mother’s Day my beautiful wife You do a great job of raising our beautiful @kulturekiari the way you love your family is Gods work I’m blessed to have a real one."

Cardi publicly showed her appreciation for her gift by posting an up-close video of the tangerine bag contrasting against her bright blue nails to her own Instagram story.

Check out Offset's baby mama tribute below.