Yesterday bore some bad news for those who know and love Offset. According to TMZ, the rapper was arrested while driving in Georgia on multiple charges. More information has now been made public about his legal issues. The Migos member is currently facing a total of four charges including two felonies two and misdemeanors: possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a weapon during a crime, possession of marijuana and an improper lane change. His bail has been set for $17k.

The police found 3 handguns in the vehicle, along with $107K in cash. These items, including the money, are all likely to be seized in their entirety. Thankfully, Offset is surrounded by people of means. It has yet to be confirmed but his bail should be posted considering his socioeconomic status. Marijuana was also found in the car. Less than one ounce was found, keeping the Atlanta rapper from being charged with trafficking.

Still, these charges are serious, especially considering the fact that he is already a convicted felon. The firearm charges alone can lead to 5 years of prison. The addition of the other charges creates a stressful situation for the new father. He recently got married to Cardi B with whom welcomed his daughter Kulture earlier this month.