Ahead of the Cleveland Browns' Monday night matchup against the New York Jets earlier this week, Odell Beckham Jr. took the field with a watch on his wrist, but it wasn't just any ordinary watch. Or was it? Does anyone really care? 


After images of Beckham's translucent timepiece turned up on social media, reports quickly surfaced that he was actually wearing a $2M Richard Mille 56-02 Tourbillon Sapphire, of which there are only 10 in existence. However, London-based watch media site Watch Anish has since claimed that OBJ's pre-game accessory was nothing more than a "horrible fake."

The site offered a breakdown of the watch on their instagram story, giving specific details of how it differs from an authentic Richard Mille watch.

Per Watch Anish:

"The fake is horrible. Material is plastic not sapphire. Case shape is wrong. The movement is a $20 Miyota made in China. In the original the movement is fully skeletonised and transparent. In this fake look at the huge ugly round bridge and rotor. It's like comparing a Bugatti to a wheelbarrow."

Check out some screen shots from their IG story below, including comparisons with an authentic RM 56-02 Tourbillon Sapphire.

Watch Anish

Watch Anish