Yesterday (December 11th), New Yorkers got a scare during their morning commutes after a pipe bomb exploded not far from the Port Authority bus terminal. Several NYC subway lines were evacuated as a result and security was stepped up in a big way for the rest of the day and again this morning. The good news: the bomber, who was later identified as Akayed Ullah, was taken into custody and, according to TMZ, right before the explosive went off, he shared some choice words for Donald Trump on social media.

[Image via TMZ]

Documents obtained by the gossip outlet say that Ullah's remarks included the words, "Trump you failed to protect your nation." Prosecutors say that he posted that sentiment online Monday morning, allegedly right before the blast occurred. Authorities are also saying that the entire message was written "with ISIS in mind." Ullah was arrested yesterday after he was found injured, with the remnants of the explosive that he set off strapped to his body. Three other people were hurt as a result of the bomb, with one person going temporarily deaf. 

According to The Independent, the 27-year-old Ullah is scheduled to go before a  magistrate judge after the complaint related to his activity was filed, although there is no indication as to who will be representing him in a court of law following the explosion. He supposedly crafted the device out of a metal pipe, using Christmas lights and other materials as well, and built it in a week's time.

President Trump has gone on record as saying that the proposed travel ban would have prevented an incident like Monday's.