Kim Kardashian's millions of followers know what they've signed up for. There will be a lot of skin in her posts and a lot of self-promotion. It's the name of the game. However, every once in a while, the reality star and entrepreneur comes through with some wholesome content. Today was one of those times when Kim shared an adorable photo of her daughter, North West, taking what looks to be the most uncomfortable nap atop Kanye West's shoulders.

James Devaney/Getty Images

When your kids fall asleep, you know not to wake them. Especially with three little ones running around the house, Kim and Kanye likely don't have much quiet time throughout the day. So, when North fell asleep on Kanye's shoulders, Kim chose not to wake her baby girl. "She was actually sleeping like this for a good 30 minutes," wrote the businesswoman on Instagram, sharing a shot of North with her arm draped over her dad's head. Kanye grabbed hold of his daughter and kept a "deer in the headlights" look on his face. We all know he doesn't smile much but dude looks straight up scared here.

The post was made in between plugs for her beauty collection. Count on Kim to allow her fans to keep up with all the cute moments in her life.