N.O.R.E. Admits His Friends Don't Let Him Roll On "How To Roll"

Alex Zidel
September 06, 2018 15:35

N.O.R.E. speaks on the highest he's ever been and why he doesn't take edibles.

Everybody has a preferred method of getting high. Some smoke, others vape, others ingest. N.O.R.E. considers himself a stoner but he never rolls his own weed. Some may be dumbfounded by how that can even be but when you surround yourself with the right people, some just establish themselves as the better rollers of the crew. N.O.R.E. is admittedly not a good roller but that doesn't mean he won't out-smoke you. 

On the latest episode of How to Roll, we linked up with the legend to touch on his smoking habits and he was happy enough to let us know all about his preferences. First things first, shoutouts for gifting us with some edibles. As he was rolling his Dutchmaster, he touched on the subject of edibles. Many are still extremely hesitant about the idea of ingesting your weed and N.O.R.E. is one of those people. Recalling the time a chef came onto his food show who specialized in cooking with marijuana, he noted that he hated that he "wasn't in control" as he kept getting thirsty and drinking more of the weed-infused lemonade in front of him, which got him even higher. It goes without saying that he's not an "edibles guy," hence why he gave us the gummies in his pocket.

During the episode, he also lets us know that his friends never let him roll as he tends to end up with "pregnant" blunts. Check out the full video above to find out his favorite strains and the highest he's ever gotten.

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