Silk sleeping caps, bonnets, night head wraps - whatever it is you call it, are by far not a new invention. Most black females, along with their sisters, mothers, grandmothers and even ancestors have been sleeping with silk scarfs on their head for literal decades and the not-so-secret beauty tip is still a necessity to this day. So when Sarah Marantz grew to success with her Nitecap, a silk head cap to sleep with that she claimed to have invented, people, of course, had lots to say and have clapped back at her.

"Why would you pay $100 for this #NiteCap sleep bonnet when you can get sleeping bonnets at Walmart, Target, Sally's Beauty Supply or Amazon for less than $5? They out here gentrifying sleep bonnets," one Twitter user wrote, while another added, "Did I just read this right... A Caucasian “entrepreneur” invents a nitecap/bonnet and is selling it for $98... When I say I’m tiiiieeeedddd!"

Being as Sarah is a caucasian woman and the fact that the Nitecap is selling for $98 USD (when you can buy them at a dollar store) added more fuel to the fire, forcing Sarah to release a statement. "‭We stand with those who are hurt, and we respect and hear their voices. We’re committed to honouring the historical significance of hair wrapping and this will now be part of our approach," the letter read.

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