The people that knew Nipsey Hussle recognized him as a man of honour. He loved to give back to his community and he wanted to share his wealth, improving everybody's life around him. With him gone, so many people are lost in his district. We've written at length about what Nipsey was willing to do to stay loyal to his neighbourhood but it turns out that he was even more involved than initially believed. 

As reported by Complex, Nipsey Hussle's friend David Gross spoke about the late rapper in an extensive piece published by the Los Angeles Times today. The real estate developer noted that he worked closely with Nipsey on the Our Opportunity community investment fund before comparing the initiative to another powerful cause that many have championed.

"[Nipsey] wanted to be a symbol and really spark a movement," said Gross. "Basically, it was the economic version of Black Lives Matter. [That] is what we were trying to create."

With Our Opportunity, Nipsey wanted to put federal law tax incentive to good use, giving back to those around him and rebuilding cities "from within." The group had plans to add eighty apartment units to the same strip where Nipsey tragically lost his life. Nip would have been honoured to roll out the new organization but with him gone, David Gross will try and fulfil the mission that the rapper started. Our Opportunity will be formally unveiled later this month.