We are all well aware that Nikki Bella and John Cena are officially over and have been for a couple months now, after a lot of on and off. Not too long ago, the 34-year-old chatted about her new single life, saying that her time spent hanging with her twin sister has been a lot of fun. Recently, Nikki followed up on her comments since many assumed she was already dating new men. 

"I made a joke about dating, Netflix and black licorice and how it gets boring and it turned into this whole thing where I got quoted saying dating life is boring," she said of recent rumours. "I was like, 'No I said Netflix and black licorice and [was boring]'... it's not what people expect, but I've got to admit I am single but I'm not ready for mingling yet."

"He's doing him and I'm doing me," she added, detailing how she's working on herself.  "I slowly feel like I'm doing that. I think it's happiness, and just fully being happy and that's what I want."