Over the weekend, Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton were victims of a hack, leading to an intimate video of theirs being leaked online. The video does not show any acts of a sexual nature. However, Lewis and Nicole are seen in bed cuddling and kissing. The footage was captured on a cell phone and apparently, Scherzinger fears that other private clips could be shared online.

Hundreds of thousands of people viewed the video last night and according to The Sun, Nicole Scherzinger is working hard with her legal team to have the footage taken down from the internet. "Nicole’s very worried that more videos and pictures will be leaked in the next couple of days," said a source. "She feels hugely violated that someone’s been looking through her private pictures and is concerned this is just the start of a nightmare."

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

The origin of the hack hasn't been determined yet so it's quite possible that they managed to nab a few more of her personal files before getting out of her cloud. The video that surfaced was reportedly deleted from her devices a long time ago so she's convinced that her iCloud account was broken into. If that's the case, she may be in trouble if legal action isn't rushed.