During the Made In America festival, Nicki Minaj suffered quite a major mishap as her chest was revealed to the world during her performance. Ever the professional, Nicki kept performing as she tried to get everything under control. Of course, the incident made the news and it became the moment everybody was talking about from the event. Some of her detractors say the malfunction was staged to keep the attention on her and those same people will have a field day here as a very similar situation took place at Daily Front Row's Fashion Media Awards. 

With NYFW officially underway, the celebrities have been flocking to the Big Apple in the hottest looks of the future. Of course, Nicki Minaj is included on this list as she was slotted to present Winnie Harlow with an award at the Fashion Media Awards last night. As she arrived in her Alexander McQueen gown and started making the rounds, her dress ended up ripping somewhere along the way, forcing her team to act quickly and stitch her up before everybody got a front row look at her behind. To be completely honest, it's not like Nicki hasn't willingly shown her butt to us all a thousand times so this is probably not a big deal to her, aside from the fact that the dress is pretty much ruined at this point.

Two wardrobe malfunctions in two weeks. While this one definitely seems less fishy, the conspiracy theorists will totally have their say with this.