Nav may have inadvertently become the spokesperson for the "Learjet," but he's not alone in navigating the lavish benefits of Private Plane life. Nicki Minaj is no stranger to the mode of transportation, which 99.9 percent of the world's population will likely never experience. Though the Queen rapper has been taking her fair share of criticism in recent days, one must not forget her legacy, and the various prizes her storied career has yielded. One such positive is that she no longer has to share a plane with the average Joe or Jane, hand-picking her traveling companions to suit her whims and desires.

"I got the money & the power now," Nicki reminds us. "The G5’ll get me out there in a hour now." Minaj proceeds to grant us a view of her private jet, which features, among other conveniences, an affable flight attendant and a makeshift bed. Nicki wastes little time in heading for the bed, where she is joined by her new boyfriend, eager to snooze. Some might notice that she neglected to remove her shoes before hopping on board, though some people think little of mixing bedsheets with outerwear. In any case, Nicki appears unfazed, despite the fact that her private life is frequently being scrutinized by the masses. Sleep tight.