Yesterday, bombshell news came out of the NBA as it was revealed that Chris Paul tested positive for COVID-19 and would have to enter quarantine as part of the NBA's health and safety protocols. This was especially bad news considering the Suns had just finished off their series against the Denver Nuggets, and were looking forward to some rest before playing in the Western Conference Finals. At this point, the Suns are still in a good spot thanks to a prolonged series by the Clippers and Jazz, however, there is still some concern that Paul won't be good to go in time for Game 1.

Nick Young reacted to this news with a pretty blunt tweet on Wednesday, and it certainly wasn't well-received by the fans. Young essentially said that Paul must be doing something wrong in his life because his Karma has simply been going against him for years. In fact, Young urged Paul to pray and to start living right.

"Cp3 you need to go pray … you not living right lol something somewhere dnt want you to win … every playoffs something happen to you," Young wrote.

While Young probably meant this in the most harmless way possible, there were still some people out there who took it as disrespectful. After all, Paul is a beloved player in the NBA and many fans are hoping that he can get himself a title sooner rather than later.

Chris Paul

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images