Neymar is one of the biggest international soccer stars out there and as of right now, he is in a bit of a dispute with Paris Saint-Germain as he looks at joining Barcelona. Last month though, it seemed as though Neymar was in some personal trouble as he was accused of rape by a Brazilian woman. According to the woman, Neymar had flown her out to Paris so they could meet up while he was playing for PSG. When they met at his hotel, the woman alleges that he was drunk and started to get violent, which eventually led to him allegedly having non-consensual sex with her.

The soccer star was quick to proclaim his innocence as he made a video talking about the allegations. In the video, Neymar claims that nothing happened and that the woman was trying to extort him

Now, Neymar has caught a break in the case as Brazilian police have put a stop to their investigation as they claim there is a "lack of evidence." The findings are currently being sent to the Sao Paulo Attorney General's Office who have just a couple of weeks to decide if any charges will be laid.

Stay tuned for updates regarding this case as we will be sure to bring them to you.