The DC renaissance has been long overdue but finally, after years of Batman Vs. Superman type movies or the very serious, standalone Dark Knight series, Marvel's competitor looks to be returning to the campy roots that once made them the giant they are today.

After an unquestionably campy, but still grim enough Aquaman did the kind of numbers reserved until now for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC is set for another payday with Shazam! which has released a new trailer today. The film, which goes full camp with a winking acknowledgment would best be described as blend of other references: Superman, Deadpool and Tom Hanks' Big. The actual premise of the film is that a 14-year-old kid in foster care, played by Billy Batson, finds himself being given superpowers by some type of wizard in a cave. With just the shout of the word "Shazam!" (an exclamation he initially laughs off), he turns into a clean-shaven, musical theatre version of Superman, able to stop bullets, fly and use super strength. Although he begins by goofing off and testing the powers in warehouses in skateparks, he gets thrust into a real battle agains the Dr. Thaddius Sivana, played by the ultimate type-cast villain: Mark Strong. 

Watch the new teaser below: