Former Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) star, Nene Leakes, went public on Tamron Hall to describe the nature of her surprising departure from the show. Leakes, a cast member since the show’s 2009 premier, complained of her dwindling inclusion in the program, saying, “Basically what happened over the past four years, I felt very forced out. I felt like my role was being diminished.”

She elaborated, “Every year they would give me less and less episodes and every year they’d be like Nene is holding out. It wasn’t me, I was trying to understand why I was given less and less every season from a show that I helped become successful.”

In a return from a commercial break, host Tamron Hall disclosed that Leakes had cried up until the cameras started rolling again. In the emotional session, Hall asked about her recent accusations of racism in the workplace.

When asked if she would pursue legal action against Bravo, (the network on which RHOA airs) Leakes replied, “I hope we don’t have to go to that extent. I’m hoping there will be some sort of sit down or something we can work out behind the scenes. I want you to understand that I’ve worked with these people for years. I’ve loved them like they’re my own family members.”

Talk show host and former friend to Leakes, Wendy Williams, conveyed doubt to Real Housewives producer, Andy Cohen regarding Leakes’ statement of intent to leave RHOA. Said Williams in an episode of Cohen’s talk show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, "I believe that this is not a truth." She continued, "Nene has quit the show several times and you’ll have her back. Nene likes attention, dramatic attention." 

In response, Leakes most recently published a seven-minute YouTube video showing some ill will to both Cohen and Williams, emphasizing a resounding theme: “Leave me alone.”