Reports indicate that famed Queensbridge rapper Nas owed millions of the dollars to Uncle Sam for taxes in failed to pay a decade ago. The rapper coughed $3.5 million in back taxes to avoid the Wesley Snipes treatment.

Celebrity gossip site Bossip obtained public records that show Nasir Jones paid back most of his debt. The IRS accused him of failing to pay federal income taxes from 2006 through 2010. They said Jones owed $804,782 for 2006, $1,779,453 for 2007 and $615,600 from income he made in 2008. Plus, in 2010, federal authorities said he omitted to pay $339,005, raising his debt to a total sum of $3,538,900.

However, Nas isn't out of the woods yet. He still owes about $426,000 to the state of Georgia on income he earned in 2007. That total includes a close to $60,000 penalty, more than $57,000 in interest and almost $71,000 in “collection fee.”

The father of two will have plenty of opportunities to pony up though. He is scheduled to headline the "Rolling Stone Live: Houston" concert in February. He also has an album in the works.