New Yorkers get real touchy when people decide to claim a position of royalty in the city, as they should. New York City has a rich history and on top of that, it's a huge metropolitan that includes several major boroughs. In addition, there's been legends that came out of the city for several decades so claiming King or Queen of the city usually ruffles some feathers, depending on who you are. As Nicki Minaj celebrates her 35th birthday today, Nas took the opportunity to dub her as royalty of the city while wishing her a happy birthday.

Nas took to Instagram to show Nicki Minaj some love on her birthday. The legendary rapper posted a picture of Nicki Minaj sitting on a throne with a crown on her head with the caption, "Queens Get The MFkN Money! Happy Birthday To The QUEEN OF NY @nickiminaj." It's a controversial statement that definitely had a few people in the comment section refuting the claim. However, love does make you say some crazy things. 

The Queen of NY title may have people feeling some type of way. However, earlier this summer, her efforts in Queens, NY were acknowledged after she received a key to the borough.

Since breaking up with Meek Mill earlier this year, Nicki and Nas have sparked rumors that they're dating. While neither have came out to officially claim each other as their significant other, it was reported back in September that the two have been dating since May.

Check the Instagram post below: