Although they're still in the process of rolling out one of the more unique projects ever attempted, Meow The Jewels, Killer Mike and El-P are also currently at work on RTJ3. As last year's RTJ2 showed with appearances by Gangsta Boo, Travis Barker and Zach De La Rocha, these two guys are friends with some awesome people, and it looks like they'll be capitalizing on that again for the follow-up. 

A recent El-P Instagram post revealed that they recently hit the studio with De Rocha again, as well as Nas. As Run The Jewels are now signed to The Don's label, Mass Appeal, the fact that they're working with him isn't too huge of a surprise. That being said, if the two minds behind "Ether" and "Killing In The Name" were working on the same track, we might be in for unprecedented levels of rage and lyrical fervor.