Adam Lublin, a former executive at AEG and First Access Entertainment was reportedly charged with two counts of burglary and one count of sexual abuse on Monday morning in a Manhattan Criminal Court. On Saturday night, Lublin, who lives in a high-rise building in Battery Park City, allegedly trespassed into his neighbor's apartment and molested her while she was sleeping. 

The victim awoke to a man touching her vagina, who fled after she started screaming. She then went to the lobby and reviewed surveillance footage, which showed Lublin wandering her floor around the time of the incident. The victim's description of the perpetrator also fits Lublin's appearance. The neighbor had also noted that several pairs of panties had gone missing in recent weeks. When police followed Lublin out of the building the following morning, they watched him toss a cup into a garbage can, which ended up containing her undergarments. He was then arrested, but has since been released on $175,000 bond. “One of the backbones in our legal system is the presumption of innocence,” said defense lawyer Scott Leemon. “Today, Adam will rely on that presumption of innocence.”

The victim's roommate also reported having woken up to a man hovering over her a week prior. The roommate had also once been invited by Lublin to sleep over after he had spotted her locked out of her apartment.  

Lublin was formerly a VP and talent buyer at AEG. He then joined First Access Entertainment, the management company of Bebe Rexha, Rita Ora and Winnie Harlow, among others. Lublin supposedly “brought in” rapper Young Thug to First Access. A spokesperson for First Access told Variety that they have "terminated all business dealings with Adam Lublin.”