A brief mention of Fivio Foreign in her Freestyle Cypher has caused fans to romantically link Mulatto with her fellow XXL Freshman.  "I ain’t even f*ck a rap n*gga yet, but if Fivio want to then I ain’t gon’ pass on ’em/Yeah, b*tch, I get my mack on," Mulatto rapped earlier this month. It didn't take long for Mulatto's fans to spread rumors about her relationship with the New York artist, and during her visit to Angela Yee's Lip Service, the rapper was asked if she would give Fivio Foreign a shot.

"I'mma flirt!... We cool. That was the first time I met Fivio and we was just flirting on set, but nah, we don't talk and we ain't never talked," Mulatto said as the hosts pressed her with questions. Angela Yee wanted to know if Mulatto would go out with Fivio is he decided to shoot his shot.

"Yeah," she answered. "We cool. That's my friend. I told him on set at XXL, before XXL and before I had this little hype that I got right now, I was trying to work with Fivio. His A&R had set up a session with my A&R and I was already at the studio in New York waiting on Fivio to pull up in New York before... This fool done stood me up." According to Mulatto, Fivio wanted to make another stop before going to the studio to meet with the Queen of Da Souf rapper, so she decided to leave. Check out the clip and Mulatto's full interview below.

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