All week, we've been checking out the XXL Freshman Cyphers for the class of 2020, listening to Chika, Rod Wave, Lil Tjay, and others get into their zones and bounce energies off one another.

The latest cypher has been released, featuring Mulatto, 24kGoldn, Fivio Foreign, and Calboy, and at least two of the rappers involved seemingly had great chemistry.

Starting off the cypher, Mulatto came through with tight flows and, at one point, she even shot her shot at Fivio Foreign, who provided ad-libs during her entire verse.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

"I don’t gotta rap about sex/But this shit way too good not to brag on," says Big Latto halfway through her portion of the song. "I ain’t even fuck a rap n***a yet, but if Fivio want to then I ain’t gon’ pass on ’em/Yeah, bitch, I get my mack on."

Fivio wasn't even caught off guard by the shout-out. He smiled big and continued with his "viral" and "movie" ad-libs.

Elsewhere during the cypher, 24kGoldn called out his success on TikTok and mentioned his other cypher participants, rapping: "Got your girl TikTokin' to my shit/I see Fivi in the cut, Woo walkin' in this bitch/I see Cal gettin’ wild, see the style too legit/And Mulatto she a queen, put a crown on that head."

Fivio Foreign follows him up before Calboy closes out the rhyme-fest, revealing that he didn't prepare anything for it but still managing to freestyle his way through the JetsonMade beat.

Do you think Mulatto and Fivio Foreign went on a date after this?