In a move very few people expected, the winner of Mr. Clean’s #theNextMrClean content has been announced, and he’s a black man named Mike Jackson from Atlanta, Georgia. The 30 year old was chosen from thousands of contestants, and it was his Mr. Clean look that apparently caught the eye of the company’s executives.

Bald headed, with one gold earring and a shiny white smile, Jackson is the spitting image of the iconic cleaning mascot, albeit with one major difference. However, the original Mr. Clean has always had that ambiguous spray-tan melanin look, so this isn’t too much of a departure.

The original Mr. Clean is reportedly on an extended vacation, which prompted the search for a new face. As part of the contest, Jackson has won $20,000, a lifetime supply of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (which are great for cleaning white sneakers), and will appear in person at the Super Bowl on Sunday. He also stars in a calendar for Mr. Clean.

Social media is already reacting to the news, with some finding the new Mr. Clean a major upgrade, while others are concerned about the impending social media backlash and white tears. What’s your take?