Moneybagg Yo is at a high point in his career. He recently scored the #1 album in the country with A Gangsta's Pain and his profile continues to blow up. Live shows might not be back in action across the country but clearly, there are still pockets of America that are welcoming in live acts with open arms.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Bagg recently flexed his show rate which is upwards of $200K these days but last week, he faced some criticism from a TikToker who deemed his live shows boring. Mind you, he was playing in front of a relatively intimate crowd in the middle of the day but he made it clear that it wasn't the only bag he had to secure that day. "I had 4 other shows dat same day," he claimed. "Do u think I give af?! Tell em post da others ones."

Fans might have not shared video from his concerts that gained the same attention as the TikToker but Bagg came to clarify that his live performances are LIT. The rapper hit the 'Gram with a bit of BTS footage of his live show that was clearly packed to the brim. "200K Ah Gig," he captioned the post. "S/o To Det Promoter, Money Well Spent! Floor 2 Ceiling."

Peep the footage below. Will you be checking out Moneybagg Yo in your town? Sound off in the comments.