Professional sports leagues have always been pretty harsh when it comes to drug use in their leagues. For instance, the NFL is always issuing suspensions for those who test positive for marijuana while the NBA does the exact same thing. As of right now, the only league that allows marijuana use is the NHL which is fairly interesting when you consider how they haven't always been the most progressive league out there. 

Now, baseball is looking to be the progressive ones when it comes to weed. The drug continues to be legalized throughout the United States and Major League Baseball wants to be at the forefront of this movement. According to CBS Sports, the MLB is working with Minor League Baseball to lift their marijuana ban. This means that from now on, no player will be tested for the substance.

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Previously, non-40-man roster players were suspended 25 games for testing positive and would get 100-game bans if they tested positive three times. This is a huge development for the league as it could lead to similar actions from sports organizations across the country. Marijuana is becoming less stigmatized by the masses and finally, sports leagues are taking notice. 

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