The Milwaukee Bucks are ready to back down their man at any cost. In a Tweet issued last night, the NBA franchise sent an official decree condemning the "shameful and inexcusable" actions of the Milwaukee police department in January, 2018. Sterling Brown, a reserve guard on the Bucks' roster, was wrongfully tackled, tased and arrested on false pretenses.

The Bucks organization was forced to act (on their own accord) when a surprising report came out of city attorney Grant Langley's office asserting the officer was "within his means," a proclamation mayor Tom Barrett called "counterproductive."

Since the incident, Brown filed a lawsuit under his lawyer Mark Thomsen claiming that authorities were "discriminating against Mr. Brown on the basis of his race." Brown was accosted by the deputy in question after his vehicle was found occupying two handicap spots in an empty Walgreens parking lot. Sterling was able to corral public support after video of the arrest was made public in May.

Brown and his attorney Mark Thomsen want the city of Milwaukee to "actually admit to the wrongs, admit that his (Brown's) constitutional rights were violated." Sterling Brown will not go down without a fight, and now it seems, he has the backing of his employer.