Mike Tyson is one of the most celebrated legends of boxing and while his career may have ended on shaky terms, there is no denying that he was an incredible knockout artist in his prime. Tyson was incredibly feared in the ring as his opponents knew that one punch could be the absolute death of them. Even in retirement, Tyson has been passionate about boxing and still likes to give some tips and tricks on how to be dominant in the ring.

Recently, Tyson expressed interest in coming out of retirement to do some charity fights. Today, he decided to take to Instagram where he showed off the full range of his current punching arsenal and all we can say is "wow." As you can see, Tyson's power is vicious and his speed is pretty incredible for a 53-year-old. If he were to get back in the ring, he could kill someone.

Tyson has been a fan favorite in pop culture circles over the last decade and a return to the ring would make for one of the most impressive comebacks we have ever seen. Of course, it's not like he'll be competing for the heavyweight championship, but still, you can't help but marvel at his current shape.

If you're his trainer, your ribs have to hurt after each session, even if you've got all that padding on.