We recently got to hear 1/3 of Migos on Kanye West's lead Cruel Winter single, "Champions," however it sounds like the group as a whole has a lot more in store with Ye. This isn't exactly surprising, we did see the trio chilling with Kanye on Easter, however now we have proper confirmation that there's stuff "in the chamber."

While Takeoff and Quavo were out shooting a music video for "Cocoon" in the UK, they caught up with Acton Entertainment. During the brief video interview, they reveal, "Shout out to Kanye, we got multiple songs with him. We just locking in, just working, we always keep stuff in the vault. We got a lot of stuff with other artists too that you might hear snippets of. We just keep 'em in the chamber ready to be fired."

They discuss the concept behind "Cocoon" as well, catch it below.