A pot shot Donald Trump levied against LeBron James' intelligence yesterday was not left undefended by the NBA community. Among them, Michael Jordan's letter of support spoke the loudest. Air Jordan relayed his statement to NBC news in response to receiving unwanted attention from the President at the tail end of his Tweet: "He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!"

Active players from around the NBA also made their feelings known via Twitter, some even postured themselves antithetically. Karl-Anthony Towns questioned the need for pendantics, when the Flint Water Crisis is still an open-ended issue. Donovan Mitchell on the other hand, attacked the president's emotional maturity.

NBA vet Jared Dudley urged Trump to fall over and croak.

The defense of LeBron James brought Anthony Tolliver out of hiding.

Bradley Beal let off a sign of "fatigue."

But the best laugh was reserved for the man who conducted the LeBron interview, suffering the worst of Trump's Twitter jab. Don Lemon summarized the situation perfectly by comparing LeBron's opening of a school for at risk children to Donald Trump's track record of false imprisonment. Coincidentally, Trump will be in Ohio today for a campaign rally; what are the chances?