Until recently, James Safechuck did not believe that he was sexually abused by Michael Jackson. In the past, both he and Wade Robson, the two main victims in Leaving Neverland, swore that their relationship with MJ was not sexual. Something changed though and both are now making accusations of their own against the King of Pop, leading many to write him out of their personal history books. In the documentary, Safechuck details how the pop star used to try and win him over with jewelry, noting that he was obsessed with rings at the time. Things even went so far as for Jackson to stage a mock wedding in his bedroom with the young boy, presenting a diamond ring to him. In security footage that has been recovered from 1989, the singer can be seen wearing a disguise while shopping with the little boy in a jewelry store.

Ron Galella/WireImage/Getty Images

The security video was first reported in the 80s after employees deemed Jackson to be acting suspicious, fearing that he may rob the store. The artist wore a fake mustache, fake teeth and a wig to try and mask his identity. TMZ has learned that the boy in the video is James Safechuck. It's unclear whether this was the day that Jackson bought the engagement ring for the boy.

With all of the allegations now being made against Michael Jackson, the security footage has been recovered and is being circulated on the internet. Watch it below.