While Redman and Method Man have occasionally tried their hand at acting (with Meth actually having amassed a respectable resume), it's been a minute since they joined forces for How High. In fact, it's been eighteen years since How High first dropped, and not even ardent cries for a sequel have been enough to move the Blackout duo. Yet it would appear that the pair will once again step in front of the camera, holding it down for an appearance in Kevin Smith's upcoming Jay & Silent Bob reboot.

In fact, Smith confirms the movie will actually answer the question of "How High?" The Canadian Tusk director took to Instagram to reflect on his experience working with Doc and Tical. "The moment we called “Action,” the legends launched into the single best first take I ever shot in 25 years," he reflects. "They were pitch perfect and hysterical (and a little touching)! It was so good, I could’ve cut their whole performance from that one take!”

"I’ve had millions of memorable moments over the course of my career," says Smith. "But watching that magic take unfurl is in my Top Ten!" Clearly, Kevin Smith is down for the culture. The idea that a Method Man and Redman scene could eke its way into his personal top ten is exciting news indeed. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Jay And Silent Bob joint, coming soon in a puff of smoke.