Those of a certain age and class of character likely remember the greater Roc roster, which happened to include Jay-Z's protege Memphis Bleek. Responsible for four studio albums, Bleek's run from 1999 to 2005 brought out a variety of hits - most notably the incredible "Is That Your Chick," with Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, and Twista. Though 534 project marked the end of his studio album run, Bleek spent the next several years dropping off a respectable mixtape run, culminating in 2014's The Movement 2. Since then, it's been bleak for Bleek, at least where his release schedule was concerned.

To be fair, Memphis stepped into the CEO lifestyle, opening his own label Warehouse Music Group, which went on to sign Casanova. While Cas eventually parted ways with the label, Memphis Bleek has kept his hustle alive, though his desire to step behind the mic has yet to fade. A few days back, Memph teased an imminent comeback, revealing that he's been "thinking bout putting some bars down!!"

For those of a nostalgic disposition, it'll be nice to hear Bleek return to the fold, especially for anyone who came up listening to The Understanding, Coming Of Age, or even his work on The Dynasty...Roc La Familia. What do you think? Excited for some new Memphis Bleek bars?