In some great news for Meek Mill fans, it's been reported that Meek will be allowed to travel outside of Philadelphia in order to perform at shows.

It was previously reported that, under the conditions of Meek's bail, he would be forced to remain within the confines of the county of Philadelphia. 

According to TMZ, Meek's new-found freedom comes by the hands of the person who has most committed to keeping him locked up: Judge Genece Brinkley. Judge Brinkley amended the order regarding his bail conditions, granting him permission to travel outside of Philadelphia for scheduled business activities. He will also be permitted to live in Montgomery County, rather than being forced to reside in the neighboring Philadelphia County.

This doesn't mean that Meek has free reign to go wherever he wants, however. He must submit his travel request for approval 72 hours in advance, and he will be subjected to at least one urine test a month, meaning he'll need to be stringent about staying drug free for the time being. 

Regardless, this news is fantastic, both for Meek and his fans as well. Meek will be allowed to perform at shows, and will be able to continue his career as a famous rap artist. It seems that he's wasted no time since the amendment was signed on Friday, as TMZ spotted Meek in New York City hanging out with 76ers owner Michael Rubin after a supposed business meeting with Roc Nation.

Perhaps there's still enough time to add Meek as a headliner to some upcoming summer music festivals.