Tuesday was a good day to free Meek Mill as the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overruled Judge Genece Brinkley to allow Meek his freedom. In true fashion, his first course of action was attending the Philadelphia 76ers game where they moved on to the second round of the NBA playoffs. As the Sixers are gearing up to face either the Boston Celtics or Milwaukee Bucks, it's looking as though we won't see Meek at any away games regardless of which team they face. According to court documents obtained by the Blast, Meek has been ordered to remain in Philly while he is out on bail.

The document allegedly reads, "Pursuant to this same Order, this Court ORDERS that Defendant reside in Philadelphia County, be supervised by the Philadelphia County Adult Probation and Parole Department, and shall report to the Philadelphia County Adult Probation and Parole Department within 24 hours of the date of this Order." Meek is able to petition the demand and, given his legal team's history, they are likely to do so. An evidentiary hearing is currently set for mid-June where it will be determined if Meek's case will be continued or if his convictions are to be overturned.

Noting that he doesn't necessarily feel free yet, Meek has not been able to get any rest since his return to life outside of prison. Given the circumstances of his bail, we are likely to spot him at upcoming Philadelphia events, including the possibility of future Sixers games, but anything outside of the city is looking to be out of the question.