For sports fans, the Super Bowl is a pretty big event but this year's playoff game was something special for hip hop heads. For everyone who's been rooting for Meek Mill behind bars, it was incredible to see the Philadelphia Eagles storm onto the field with "Dreams And Nightmares Intro" blaring. The rapper has already released statements on his appreciation to the Eagles for doing it. However, the Super Bowl play seemed to have had a major impact on his streaming numbers within a day.

Meek Mill's "Dreams & Nightmares Intro" has seen a major spike in streaming numbers since the Super Bowl, according to Billboard. The song was released five years ago and the Phildalphia Eagles Super Bowl anthem seen an major increase in streaming numbers a day after the Super Bowl with 1.4M streams  between audio and video streams. On the day of the Super Bowl, the song received 854K streams and the day before that, it had 454K.

The Eagles first used the song at their win against the Minnesota Vikings and shortly after, they made it their team anthem and played it before the game, as they walked onto the field, and celebrated in the locker room with the song as well.

Meek Mill made a statement to NBC's John Clark following the Eagles win. 

"Last night, I felt especially proud to be from the great city of Philadelphia. All the heart that the Eagles showed in winning the Super Bowl has given the best fans in the world real hope and inspiration and I’m truly humbled." He said.