When you’re in the headlines, why not look good doing it? That might have been the thought process for Meek Mill when he copped his most recent chain, and he went all out. Meek posted a series of photos to his Instagram, showing the diamond encrusted piece that is reportedly worth $540,000.

The necklace contains 250 karats of diamonds, including ‘Dream Chasers’ spelled out entirely in diamonds on each side of the necklace. The Philly rapper characterized the jewelry as “some otha shit” in one of his Instagram posts.

Meek Mill has reason to shine after announcing his much-anticipated DC4 mixtape would be releasing next month, and being on the tail end of some shit-talking from Drake in his own hometown. He later accused Drizzy of using the cops to escape from Meek and his affiliates after the show.

Check out the necklace below. Excessive, or just right?